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Immediately after the purchase you will get access to the web2App portal. There you only have to enter the URL of your website and some information, then you can sit back!


Not only is your app fast, so is we! We promise you to submit your app for review no later than three days after your release!

State of Art

With web2App your app uses the latest technology: Push Notifications, HTML5, File Uploads ... And if you miss something, you can always contact us!

Code made in Germany

The app is developed on the basis of our framework individually per customer. Our developers take a close look at each website and all the features they need to program the right app. This ensures excellent code quality and a working, fast app with intuitive UI.

Easy Updating

All you have to do is keep your website up to date. Any change to your site will change the app at the same time.
Technically, we keep your website up to date anyway. We improve speed & amp; Usability, fixed bugs and add functions. Once we've implemented these changes in your app, we'll automatically deliver the update.

The Features


Use OneSignal or JavaScript to send push notifications to your users!


Only HTML5 support makes your app really fast. In addition, HTML5 allows more features.

Location Services

Location access is available and allows your website to access the location of the user of your app.


The camera of the smartphone can be opened directly from the app. Photo uploads are made easy.

Share App

Your app asks your users if they want to share your app. A facebook dialog can also be displayed.

File Uploader

Your app asks your users if they want to share your app. A facebook dialog can also be displayed.

our customers


With we can now offer a cheap way to your own app. Hundreds of people already use the app!

Max Trutt
divisional director for digital technologies

As an non-profit, it would not be affordable for us to develop an app from scratch. With we were able to fulfill our desire to have our own app anyway!

Christian Reiner

It won't get simpler than We update the homepage, the app is automatically up to date. The features are very helpful for us!

Madeleine Looter

Not convinced yet?

native dialogs

Also the "Rate App" / "Facebook Share" dialogs are natively programmed. So we ensure a pleasant user experience!


Users without Internet connection will be shown a nice "Offline" -Note. A button will allow them to try again.

External links

You can choose which links to automatically open in the browser instead of the app.
So the uniform appearance is preserved.


There is probably no more direct route to the users of your app as push notifications. That's why we support JavaScript & amp; OneSignal!

100% up to date

Every change to your website will appear in your app at the same time! Since we access your website directly, the content looks just like that.

Picture, sound, document downloader

When the file is opened, the app automatically asks if you want to save this file in the gallery or local storage.

time is money

The faster the app, the more intense it will be used. Our app is up to date and up to 2 times faster than other frameworks.

Simple setup

All you have to do is enter the URL of your website and answer a few quick questions, and we'll start developing your app!


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iOS & Android

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  • Google Play-Store

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  • Apple App-Store

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